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Prices Include Sales Tax.

However If you have a script from your Dr or a letter from your Chiropractor stating that "Massage Therapy would benefit (you) for...", then you do not have to pay sales tax!

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  • CranioSacral Therapy

    Brain and spinal cord work . Lowers nerves system, helps with those muscles stuck in "fight or flight". Very powerful yet gentle work to help your body naturally heal itself. Great for Chronic Pain and emotional stress.
  • CranioSacral/ Massage Therapy Combo

  • Emotion Code

    Energywork/ Muscle Testing for Emotional Freedom and Balance
    • Introductory Emotion Code Session $80
      45-60 min Session to help release Trapped Emotions. All new emotion code clients please choose this service first. This is an introductory session to get to know cleints issues/ pain and set a baseline for testing.  1-3 Emotions released in first session, however, quite often more emotions are able to be released in this time frame.
    • Emotion Code Release 1-3 Emotions $40
      20-30 min session. To be booked after having intro session. Clients new to Emotion code need to book an introductory hr session first.
    • Emotion Code Heart Wall $80
      (45-60 min) Release Emotions from around your heart. This Type of work can take 1-7 sessions. Once we clear the emotions from around your heart you may find you are able to love more or received love more. You may find healing throughout your body. You may find relief from stresses and pain. You may find your financial freedom blocks cleared or blocks keeping you from living a full/ healthy life cleared.
  • Therapeutic Massage Therapy/ Myofascial Release / Deep Tissue/ Gua Sha

    • 30 min Massage Therapy $40
    • 60 min Massage Therapy $80
    • 90 min Massage Therapy $120
    • Gua Sha

      Gua sha is a healing technique of traditional East Asian medicine. Sometimes called ‘coining, spooning or scraping’, We use a tool such as a Chinese soup spoon to break up fascia during Massage Therapy. It releases unhealthy elements from injured or restricted areas and stimulates blood flow and healing. Gua Sha is mixed with at least a 30 min massage. Only used if needed to released knots. Not everyone needs this service. 
  • Pure Relaxation Massage Therapy

  • Nicole's Signiture Foot Massage with Reflexology

    Full Body Homeostasis through foot work! Includes Reflexology, Massage, Hot Stones 



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